Blake DeCrane

Industrial Property Team

605 S Front Street, Suite 200 | Columbus, Ohio 43215

Columbus, Ohio 43215

614-629-5269 office | 614-905-0944 mobile

614-905-0944 mobile

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Kaydee Hurst
(614) 629-5226

Blake DeCrane is a co-founder of the Industrial Property Team at NAI Ohio Equities. His responsibilities for his clients include developing strategy and implementation of leases, sales, and industrial real estate investments. Clear and effective communication are the foundations of his approach.

Buyers, sellers, tenants, and landlords all trust Blake to provide thorough and unique solutions to meet their goals. With his strong background in logistics, market conditions, site selection, and deal negotiation, 他的客户相信他们拥有所有必要的信息来做出明智的房地产决策.

A Columbus native, Blake graduated from St. Charles Preparatory在Arizona State University继续他的教育之前,他获得了供应链管理理学学士学位,辅修可持续发展. He currently resides in Dublin with his wife and 3 kids. His interests include golfing, fitness, fishing, combat sports, traveling and cooking.

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What do you like most about Commercial Real Estate?

I like that each day is different and the new relationships that are constantly being made.

Why did you decide to make Columbus your home?

After spending time traveling and attending school out of state, I always found myself wanting to return to my hometown.

What is a favorite pastime you enjoy?

My favorite pastime is enjoying long family dinners. I consider myself extremely lucky to be close with my family, and it is time I do not take for granted.

What is your favorite hidden gem in Columbus?

185俱乐部——它可能不是一个隐藏的宝石,但它是我经常去的地方,坐落在我最喜欢的社区里, German Village.

Who are your favorite sports teams?

我最喜欢看的三项运动是个人运动(高尔夫球、拳击和综合格斗)。. 在这三个人中,我发现很难选出一个最喜欢的,因为我喜欢了解他们各自的故事和背景.

Where do you like to vacation? Why?

My significant other and I try to vacation in different places each year. There are so many amazing places to explore, and I have found that if you didn’t have a good time in a place, it was a you problem and not a problem with the place.

If you had to pick a song to walk-up to (similar to baseball), what would it be?

No music. Was there anything more intimidating than Mike Tyson walking to the ring with no music?

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A Carpenter’s Son

"NAI Ohio Equities (Blake DeCrane) are wonderful partners of ours at A Carpenter's Son. 他们在寻找我们的仓库/商店空间方面帮了我们很大的忙,他们的跟进和沟通是首屈一指的. I'd highly recommend them for any commercial real estate needs."

Josh Scheutzow, Founder

FST Logistics

“我已经与NAI Ohio Equities密切合作了3年多,并与工业地产团队完成了多项交易. They are great people that know the market and always have our best interests top of mind."

Matt Hartman, Chairman & CEO

Shipping Tree

“Matt Osowski和工业地产团队非常出色地协助我们将业务扩展到哥伦布, Ohio, Market. We had our sights set on a location but our timing was moved up due to our client’s needs. We found that this space would not be ready in time to meet with our client’s timeline, 但马特和他的团队很快做出了调整,为我们找到了一处能够满足时间需求的新房产. Matt的市场知识和适应能力帮助我们在哥伦布获得了一个很棒的仓库/分销设施."

Jesse Kaufman, CEO & Founder

Oscar W. Larson Co

“Matt Osowski和他的团队对市场非常了解,能够为我们的搬迁提供所有可能的选择. After several tours, Matt identified a space that was on the market, however, the landlord did not want to split the space to our suitable size. 我们参观了这个地方,并与房东一起努力寻找一个对双方都有效的协议. 马特理解我们的需求,并能够清楚地解释房东的目的,以达成共识."

James C. Lintrol, EVP


“在过去的两个月里,我很高兴与Matt Osowski和Ohio Equities合作,为我们不断增长的业务/仓库需求寻找完美的地点. 马特不仅为我们找到了合适的地点,而且在最适合我们的业务和长期需求时,他非常耐心和诚实. His knowledge of the Columbus area, overall state of the industry, and advice throughout the negotiation was first class. Matt always made himself available when needed and was very thorough from start to end. 一定会把他和他的代理机构推荐给其他寻求一流商业地产经验的人吗."

Chris Warren, Director of Operations


"We were very happy with the Industrial Property Team and the Sale-Leaseback process. It was only 120 days from our initial meeting until the deal was closed. From our financial analysis to negotiation of the Purchase Contract and Lease, the Industrial Property Team guided us seamlessly through the entire process."

Todd Sill, CEO

The Hollingsworth Companies

"Matt and Curt gave us a set of expectations then promptly exceeded all of them. They leased both suites before the prior tenant vacated, at market lease rates, then connected us with a contractor to smoothly handle the build-out. We would happily return to them for our leasing work across Columbus."

Jessica Carney, Portfolio Director


“在购买了三处商业地产后,我们与NAI Ohio Equities合作获得了极好的体验. In particular, Matt Osowski在帮助我们进行尽职调查和购买一栋有一些问题需要解决的建筑/仓库方面做得非常出色. He drove the effort! We look forward to working with him in future sales or purchases."

Joe Gillotti, Owner

Axiom Precision

“我们在一个非常紧张的市场中寻找一个非常受欢迎的建筑,需要快速的反应时间和市场知识, NAI Ohio Equities的工业地产团队能够帮助我们找到完美的建筑."

Todd Damon, President

HF Group

"NAI-OE and the Industrial Property Team were extremely patient, helpful, and determined to find us the right location and landlord for our special project. 我们的空间的独特要求和规格意味着可用站点的数量是有限的, they were never deterred in their efforts and I can’t thank them and NAI enough!"

Jay Fairfield, Chairman & CEO

Honda Logistics

“自2012年以来,我们一直与工业物业团队合作,他们帮助谈判了两份新租约. 每次他们都理解我们在特定地理区域的需求,并且知道满足我们需求的选择有限. They completed an extensive search, organized the data, and prepared it so it was easy for me to review. Once a building was chosen, they assisted in the lease negotiation. Their market knowledge is invaluable and key to us feeling confident in our decisions. I would be happy to recommend them to anyone with industrial needs in the area."

Mollie Elliot, Lead Buyer

The Meritex Company

“我很荣幸与Matt Osowski合作,作为我们在哥伦布的几处房产的租赁代理, Ohio. Because of his tenacity, hard work and understanding of our product type and tenants, we achieved 100% occupancy in this market."

Jill Evans, Portfolio Manager

Hackman Capital Partners

"The NAI Ohio Equities Industrial Team has done an excellent job for us. 收购东南工业园区后,我们的目标是单独出售这些建筑. Their team has clearly communicated our objectives to the brokerage community and end users. 通过积极的营销努力,他们已经卖出了公园里18栋建筑中的13栋. We appreciate their determined and honest approach to business."

Ben Struewing, VP - Leasing, Sales, & Acquisitions

Hyperlogistics Group

“我们衷心感谢工业物业团队在过去15年的卓越服务. The Industrial Property Team have consistently understood our business and its challenges. 无论是帮助寻找短期仓库空间还是协助出售我们的建筑物, their dedication to representing our best interests has always been appreciated. 多年来,我们要求工业产权团队做一些事情,工业产权团队对每项任务都同等重视. From leasing 20,000 SF on a month-to month basis or selling our 340,000 SF Class A building. Their commitment, determination and market knowledge allowed us to achieve our goals.

One of their most important traits is their honesty. It is difficult in these times to maintain a moral compass. Theirs is fine-tuned and on the mark all the time. When we combine this trait with their loyalty, it sets the Industrial Property Team head and shoulders above all others. My business partner and I really appreciated all of their good work and dependability.


Seatta "Sean" Layland & Geoffrey D. Manack, Owners

Kenda Tires

"As we wrap up our year and begin to think about the calendar year 2016, 我再次衷心感谢工业物业团队在过去17年多来的卓越服务. Over this period of time, the Industrial Property Team have represented us with several building acquisitions, both in Ohio and across the country, and with each new project, 工业物业团队总是花时间了解我们的想法,并考虑我们的利益进行谈判. Honestly, 和一个你可以信任的人一起工作,他为实现我们的目标而努力工作,这是非常令人欣慰的. 我衷心感谢合作伙伴关系,并推动工业物业团队带来的每一个新项目.

Please also know that without question, 我强烈推荐工业物业团队给任何希望在全国任何地方完成房地产项目的人."

P. Jeffrey Pizzola, Group CFO & COO

Case Studies

Top Transactions

  • Inno-Pak | 54,430 SF | 1932 Pittsburgh Dr (Sale-Leaseback)
  • Meritex Columbus | 43,750 SF | 2199-2201 Dividend Dr (Lease)
  • Shipping Tree | 39,235 SF | 4720 Poth Rd (Lease)
  • Gatehouse Media Ohio Holdings II, Inc. | 8.5 Acres | 0 Crosswind Dr (Sale)
  • WTOL, LLC | 164,450 SF | 555 Yearling Rd (Sale)
  • Wells Fargo Bank | 141,447 SF | 4051 Fondorf (Sale)
  • FST Logistics | 324,000 | 3280 South Park Pl (Lease)
  • Columbus 2 LLC | 134,282 SF | 2400-2410 McGaw Rd (Sale)
  • Shasta Beverages, Inc. | 351,228 SF | 3219 Rohr Rd (Lease)
  • FST Logistics | 356,000 | 5400 Renner Rd & 1727 Georgesville Rd (Sale-Leaseback)
  • 710 Deer Run Rd | Komyo America | 418,800 SF (Lease)
  • Sawmill Pointe Business Park Build-to-Suit Distribution Center | Inno-Pak | 423,197 SF (lease)
  • 4720 Poth Rd | Shipping Tree | 39,235 SF (Renewal)
  • 1641 Taylor Rd | Grimco, Inc. | 144,375 SF (Lease)
  • 4000 Parkway Ln | Dunlap Holdings, LLC | 14,484 SF (Sale)
  • 2622-2624 Johnstown Rd | Ross Restoration Holdings, LLC | 10,080 SF (Sale)
  • 4744 Bridgeway Ave | West Shore Home LLC | 29,616 SF (Lease)
  • 8130 Corporate Blvd | Vincent Realty PC LLC | 12,150 SF (Sale)
  • 3495 Gantz Rd | FST Logistics | 183,528 SF (Sublease)
  • 10601 Dog Leg Rd | Komyo America | 521,154 SF (Lease)
  • 2882 Lewis Centre Way | Westbaker I, LLC | 21,600 (Lease)
  • 3219 Rohr Rd | Shasta Beverages, Inc. | 243,204 SF (Renewal)


St Charles Preparatory

B.S., Supply Chain Management
Minor in Sustainability
Arizona State University


National Association of REALTORS®
Ohio Association of REALTORS®
Columbus REALTORS®
Muirfield Village Golf Club
Athletic Club of Columbus

Top Clients

FST Logistics
Kenda Tires
The Hollingsworth Companies
Schottenstein Property Group
Hackman Capital Partners
Honda Logistics North America
Bark Inc
Grimco Inc
Rittal Corporation
Johnstone Supply
Komyo Logistics
Inno Pak